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Training & Certification

All courses are designed to impart practical knowledge that can be applied immediately to the outside world. These courses will provide engineers and technicians with the capability to improve their testing techniques, learn how to perform advanced tests, and help assure how to meet standards. From novice to an expert, courses are designed to learn more in the field of material sciences. Courses can be personalized based on the needs of our clients.

Aurotech offers 30 days Nondestructive Testing and Quality Control training program as per our module. We are also providing corporate training based on customer needs. Aurotech NDT Services provides the right combination of classroom and laboratory NDT training to support industry standards for Level I and Level II qualifications according to the guidance of SNT-TC-1A, in accordance with American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT).

We are giving training and Certification for following methods:

  1. Ultrasonic Testing
  2. Radiography Testing
  3. Liquid Penetrant Testing
  4. Magnetic Particle Testing
  5. Visual Testing
  6. Radiographic Film Interpretation

Aurotech is organizing and conducting Welding Inspector examination preparatory courses at Trichirapalli-India and other training centers. Training consists of theory, practical sessions, effective power point and video presentations, quiz and discussions on the topics. Mock up examinations are also conducted to assess the knowledge gained and to improve the confidence level. These mock up tests will quickly bring the participant to know his strengths and weaknesses in specific topics so that more emphasis can be put on key topics to meet the target.

  1. CSWIP3.1, CSWIP3.2
  2. AWS
  3. API Courses
  4. WPS, POR preparations

The modern material testing laboratory is fully equipped with latest digital equipments, well experienced team of professionals for conducting materials testing, non-destructive testing in Ultrasonic testing, Magnetic particle testing, Liquid/dye penetrant testing, Visual testing, Radiographic testing, interpretation, Ultrasonic thickness gauging, Consultancy in NDT, metallurgy, welding, third party inspection services, training and certification services.

To know more about the Welding Inspector exam preparatory courses and training schedules Contact us.

Please note that eligibility criteria, course and examination fee may be revised from time to time. For latest information Contact us or Email your details to info@aurotech.co.in

Aurotech of NDT Technology conducts training for its various programmes, every month throughout the calendar year. Hence participants can join at their convenient time.